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Golden Bear Lock & Safe has a large variety of safes on display in our showroom to choose from for both commercial and residential use. Our safe and vault technicians are members of the National Safemans Organization and the Safe and Vault Technicians Association.  We have a Certified Master Safecracker on staff and ready to open your safe or vault on short notice.  Did you lose your combination?  Depending on your safe or vault, we may be able to open your safe without even drilling a hole.  Our safe technicians utilize the most professional techniques available to open your safe with minimal damage allowing the safe to be repaired and put back into use many times the same day.

Safe Sales:

  • Depository Safe
  • Hopper Safe
  • Wall Safe
  • In-floor safe
  • Electronic, Manual or computerized dial open
  • Burglar resistant safe
  • Fire Resistant safe
  • Media safe
  • Gun safe
  • Jewelry safe


Safe & Vault Services:

  • Safe & Vault Opening
  • Safe & Vault Repair
  • Electronic Safe & Vault lock upgrades
  • Safe & Vault Combination Changes
  • Safe Installation

Visit our safe showroom with a large selection of safes in stock

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