Lock Rekeying
In many cases there is no need to purchase new lock hardware, we can often just change the existing locks’ combination to a new key pattern. Ask us about our rekeying services.
Do you know who has keys to your home or place of business?

Reasons for Rekeying Your Locks
Common reasons to rekey locks in your business:
Employee or management turnover. Insure your business is kept secure from prior employees by getting the locks rekeyed and safe combination changed.
Rekeying locks to allow access to certain portions of your building to maintenance personnel, janitorial services, etc.

Common reasons to rekey locks in your home include: Moving into a new property, divorce, change of renters or untrustworthy loved ones. If you recently purchased a home (new or used) you should rekey your locks before you move in.  For new homes you will find that the contractor and maybe subcontractors have had the keys and could have made copies without you knowing.  If you are purchasing a previously owned home, the prior owner or neighbors could have copies of the keys. The only way to be sure your new home is secure is to have all locks rekeyed as soon as possible.

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