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Golden Bear Lock & Safe offers a wide range of closed circuit television cameras customized to fit your specific security needs, from a single camera and monitor to a sophisticated night and day surveillance systems. With recent technological advances, CCTV systems are much more affordable for both businesses and homes.

Our CCTV systems:

  • Utilize both video and digital still cameras.
  • Can allow remote viewing and/or digital recording
  • Are perfect for use within homes, businesses, schools and more.
  • Are great for outdoor or indoor surveillance.
  • Can be infrared for night viewing and/or recording
  • Act as a visual deterrent, discouraging criminal activity.

Whether you need single, multiple, covert, fixed or PTZ cameras, remote viewing or digital recording for your CCTV system, our trained technicians can assess your needs and provide a customized quote.
Call the experts at Golden Bear Lock & Safe for a free no obligation quote at (614) 733-LOCK (5625)!